At SBC, when we say our clients are our primary focus and the foundation for everything we do, we mean it. In my job, I get to live out delivering delightful client interactions every day. As the Director of First Impressions, I am the first point of contact our clients have with our team. It is my job to set the tone for their experience in our offices, at events, or through personalized interactions with our team. I pride myself on knowing our clients individually to make them feel special and important in every opportunity we have to connect with them. 

The client experience at SBC is unlike other firm experiences because clients are more than just people or portfolios we service—they are family. We have a saying that we want to be in your top five names of people you call when you experience life events—big or small. And we mean it. We want to celebrate, mourn, and walk through each stage of life with you. We truly care about your well-being—beyond just the financial aspect of our jobs.

What is it like being a client of SBC?

Upon stepping through the doors of SBC, you are greeted with a friendly smile and warm, family-like atmosphere to welcome you. We offer you your favorite beverage, talk about your family, pets, and/or hobbies and settle you into a conference room with fresh cookies and treats. You will get to know each of the advisors on our team to feel comfortable with everyone on staff. During a meeting with your advisor, you will be treated with respect. Our job is to create financial strategies that work for you—and we treat your financial situation as individually as we treat you as a person. The meeting is finished when you feel comfortable with everything that has been reviewed and discussed—and not a minute before. When you finish with your meeting, you will once again have the chance to interact with other members of the team and get to know the office staff. We want you to leave feeling comfortable and confident in the SBC team and the road ahead to achieve your lifestyle goals. 

Creating personalized and memorable client experiences is more than just delivering great customer service. It is about going above and beyond to not only fulfill all our clients’ needs but to also anticipate their unexpressed wishes as well. 

Having the opportunity to interact with our clients and deliver delightful experiences is a dream job for me. I love being the first point of contact and setting the stage for their experience with our team. I take very seriously my job to go above and beyond to make clients feel valued and special. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to use my signature skills of creativity and enthusiasm to provide memorable and delightful experiences through every client interaction, and I look forward to showing you what it means to be a client of SBC.