Social Media Disclosure

Social media is a powerful tool for building communities and connecting with people around the world. To foster a positive and safe environment for SBC Wealth Management and our communities on social media, it’s important to establish clear and comprehensive community guidelines. Below are guidelines that are used to create an online community that promote respect, engagement, and inclusivity. We use these guidelines to not only foster a respectful community, but to protect you, your privacy, and your rights.

  1. Be Respectful: Always treat other members of the community with respect and kindness. Do not engage in any form of hate speech, harassment, or discrimination, and do not make personal attacks.
  2. Stay On-Topic: Stay on-topic and avoid posting content that is unrelated to the community’s focus. This helps to keep the discussion focused and relevant to everyone.
  3. Keep It Professional: Keep the tone and content of the conversation professional and avoid using inappropriate language or sharing offensive material.
  4. Share Valuable Content: Share content that is valuable and informative to the community. Avoid spamming the community with irrelevant or promotional content.
  5. Protect Personal Information: Protect your own personal information and that of other community members. Do not share any personal information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses.
  6. Stay Legal: Do not engage in any illegal activities, and do not post content that is defamatory, infringing, or violates any intellectual property rights.
  7. Report Any Issues: If you encounter any issues or problems with other community members, report them to the community moderators or social media platform.
  8. Be Inclusive: Foster an inclusive community that welcomes people from all backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Avoid making any derogatory or negative comments about race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.
  9. Keep it Safe: Do not post any content that could harm or endanger others. This includes content related to violence, self-harm, or other risky behavior.
  10. Be Aware: Please read and familiarize yourself with each network’s terms and conditions and privacy policy as they apply to your communications.

Posts, comments or other mentions of SBC Wealth Management and our content that is in violation of these guidelines will be reviewed by the SBC Wealth Management social media manager. If deemed inappropriate, the user and content is subject to being blocked and/or content being removed if content is:

  • Off topic: If it’s not related to post content, content is subject to review. If you would like to contact us directly, you can reach out to us via
  • Spam: If a user posts content selling a product or service or links to another website for personal, political, or monetary gain, it will be removed.
  • Personal attacks: If you disagree with content posted to our social media channels, we’d like to hear from you, but we ask that you refrain from posting personal attacks or being disrespectful of others. If your comments are malicious and not a fit for civil conversation, they will be subject to review.
  • Illegal: We follow all laws that govern the use of copyrights, trade secrets, etc. Content in violation of these laws will be removed and reported.
  • Offensive language: We will not tolerate content that includes, but is not limited to, profane or provocative language. This includes hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, derogatory content, as well as threats, obscenities, and/or sexually explicitive language. Content in violation of offensive language will be removed and reported.
  • Private or confidential information: To protect yourself, your privacy, and others, do not provide any specific personal information for yourself or others. This may include email address, phone number, address, account information, etc. If you or someone you know needs help with their account, please reach out to your financial advisor.
  • Testimonial: While we sincerely appreciate your support, due to industry regulations, we ask that you not post testimonials about your experience investing with us, our advisors, our products or our services. You can reach out to us or your advisor directly to share your feedback—we want to hear from you.
  • Specific investment advice or information related to stocks, funds, or other investment opportunities: Our social media pages are not intended to be a forum to discuss investment advice of any kind.

Please be aware

  • SBC Wealth Management is not affiliated with Social Networks, e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., so please know that you are contributing at your own risk.
  • SBC Wealth Management is not responsible for and does not endorse any content, advertising, advice, opinions, recommendations or other information from third parties, including those from the social network.
  • Opinions and comments expressed by members of the social network are those of the people submitting them and do not necessarily represent the views of the creator of this profile or the firm.
  • “Favoriting,” “liking,” “sharing,” or otherwise engaging with a social media post or page is not an indication of any endorsement for the products or services offered through SBC Wealth Management or our advisors. We do not solicit testimonials or endorsements on their social media feeds, and, in particular, when related to our investment advisory business. Third-party posts do not reflect the views of SBC Wealth Management or any of our advisors, and they have not been reviewed by us for completeness or accuracy. Positive feedback may not be representative of the experience of all clients, does not guarantee future performance or success, and should not be considered a recommendation by us for any specific investment product.
  • Communications on SBC Wealth Management social media channels neither constitute an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any investment product or participate in any trading strategy. Sale of investment products in any state in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to such registration or qualification under the securities or insurance laws of any such state is not permitted.
  • reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time.

By following these guidelines, everyone can engage in a safe and respectful online community. We appreciate your attention to these guidelines.

SBC Wealth Management