Indianapolis, IN — [August 23, 2017] – Erin Pentz, a partner and wealth advisor at SBC Wealth Management in Indianapolis, was recently recognized as a Top Next Generation Wealth Advisor by Forbes, a prominent national business magazine.

According to Forbes, advisors were selected for the Top Next Generation Wealth Advisors list based on insights from SHOOK Research™, which compiles quantitative and qualitative data. Advisors were evaluated using a variety of criteria and must have been born after 1980 to qualify for the award**.

“On behalf of SBC, I congratulate Erin N. Pentz on being recognized by Forbes for the work she has done to impact her clients’ financial lives,” said Scott Holley, Founder and CEO of SBC Wealth Management. “The need for financial advice has never been greater, and so is the need to develop the next generation of advisors so that more Americans can create bright financial futures. Erin is leading the way by demonstrating the value of objective financial advice to support investors in accomplishing their lifestyle objectives. We look forward to Erin’s leadership and client support for many years to come.”

Erin Pentz has been providing financial services to more than 150 clients nationwide for 12 years. Erin works with affluent families and individuals building personalized financial strategies to assist them in creating, enhancing, and preserving their lifestyles.  Through her work she has shown her dedication to fully understanding her client’s financial objectives and to lead them through life’s many changes.  As a registered investment advisor representative, she adheres to the highest fiduciary standards and is committed to her client’s success.

*As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2017, based on total revenue.

** Advisors were required to have a minimum of four years relevant experience and acceptable compliance records. Overall ratings were based on, but not limited to: client service models, investing process, business types, revenue produced, and assets under management.

About SBC Wealth Management

SBC Wealth Management is a Securities Exchange Commission Registered Investment Advisor located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in 1983, SBC Wealth Management was founded on the American values of hard work, integrity, and uncompromising quality and personal service.  SBC’s mission is to serve as their client’s financial compass with first class service as the cornerstone of the business.  SBC’s clients rely on them to create, enhance, and preserve their lifestyles. 

The primary business of SBC, as a registered investment advisor, is to provide personalized financial strategies for individual clients using prudent financial planning techniques depending on clients’ needs, risk tolerances and assets. This would include diversification of assets, long-term income, distribution planning and investment planning and the use of insurance where appropriate.  As of July 31, 2017, SBC Wealth Management managed over $447 million of client assets on a discretionary basis and over $100 million on a non-discretionary basis with over 750 client households.

SBC Wealth Management and Forbes magazine are separate entities.

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